The Royal Naval Division

The Royal Naval Division was formed at the outbreak of the Great War and, although serving with distinction both at Gallipoli and on the Western Front, its short history has led to it largely being forgotten. Subjected to ridicule at its conception Winston's Little Army would earn a reputation second to none and undertake the most difficult of objectives at terrible cost. My own interest stems from my Grandfather serving throughout the war with the Division and it is only when I started researching his story that I realised how fascinating the history of the RND is. There is a good quantity of information regarding the Division available, but it tends to be scattered around and therefore I thought I would put together in an attempt to try and pull some of it together.

Royal Naval Division .info Souvenir photograph at the Crystal Palace
Souvenir photograph at the Crystal Palace

Please Note I am neither historian nor author and I am certainly not an expert on the RND, military matters or WW1 but just have a keen interest in the Division and thought I would share what I know. concentrates more on the Naval side of the Division rather than the army elements and more the battalions than units such as the artillery. field engineers, cyclist company etc. As my own research progresses this may change. The Timeline is not a definitive history but is designed to enable the reader to either read from start to finish or dip into specific periods of the history of the RND.

For those with an interest in the Army Brigade I highly recommend the websites 4th Bedfordshire in the Great War and 10th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Both give excellent detailed accounts of the battalions which were integral to the RND on the Western Front.

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