Internees & POWs

Groningen Internment Camp   Prisoners of War
Camps of known Royal Naval Division Prisoners of War, the descriptions of the camps appear in Mrs. Pope-Hennessy's The Main Prison Camps in Germany and Austria.
The capital of Prussia (pop. 3,500,000), the third largest city in B in. Europe. Several prison camps are established in the neighbourhood of Berlin, but none in the city itself. There is one large hospital. The Alexandrinenstrasse Lazaret, a special lazaret for prisoners of war estab- lished in the barracks of the 1st Guard Dragoons; these barracks are built round a yard, and four wooden huts have been added to the accom- modation in the barrack-yard. There is also the Stadtvogtei, a prison to which British civilians from Ruhleben are sometimes sent. Guard Corps.
Royal Naval Division .info George Leask Seaman PO/4140/A     George Leask
b. 21 June 1891
RND 16 September 1914
Hawke Seaman PO/4140/A
POW Antwerp
DOD 14 June 1916
This town (pop. 153,000) is the headquarters of the b 11. nth Army Corps. The camp is place! on a hill overlooking the Fulda Valley, one mile from Niederzwehren, a suburb of Cassel. Barracks of wood accommodating some 20,000. Prisoners employed in factories and work- shops. American prisoners here.
Royal Naval Division .info Cassel POW Camp
Royal Naval Division .info James Oak Z/494     James Oak
b. 04 January 1898
RND 18 January 1916
Drake A.B. Z/494
POW 02 September 1918
63rd RN Cadre
A large camp eight miles from Berlin in which prisoners of the Naval Division captured at Antwerp in 1914 were imprisoned. It is described as the Aldershot of Berlin and is close to an important military training centre.There is a Y.M.C.A. hut here. Guard Corps.
Royal Naval Division .info Doeberitz POW Camp
Royal Naval Division .info  David Ernest Bain PO/SS/115539     David E. Bain
RND 17 September 1914
Collingwood 2nd STO PO/SS/115539
POW Antwerp
Interned in Holland 04 March 1918
Sea Service 18 March 1919
Royal Naval Division .info F. J. Berry D/595     Frederick J. Berry
b. 01 December 1893
RND 22 August 1914
Collingwood A.B. 3/1025
POW Antwerp
Demobilised 16 February 1919
Royal Naval Division .info Simon G. Bloom
    Simon G. Bloom
RND 17 September 1914
1st STO PO/286863, B/2269 R.F.R.
POW Antwerp
Sea Service 07 March 1919
Royal Naval Division .info Herbert William Brigden
    Herbert W. Brigden
b. 18 May 1893
Ilford, E.
RND 22 August 1914
A.B. 5/2985
POW Antwerp
Demobilised 18 March 1919
Royal Naval Division .info Theodore Young Dobson
    Theodore Y. Dobson
POW Antwerp
Transferred 30 November 1917
Royal Naval Division .info Clifford Charles Groom 3/3595     Clifford C. Groom
b. 20 June 1890
Hallam Street, W.C.
RND 22 August 1914
Collingwood A.B. 3/3595
POW Antwerp
Demobilised 28 February 1919
Royal Naval Division .info William George Ellis Phillips
    William G. E. Phillips
b. 02 April 1889
Stoke Newington, N
RND 22 August 1914
Benbow A.B. 1/3557
POW Antwerp
DOD 24 December 1914
Royal Naval Division .info Charles Edward Riddle Seaman PO/5451A     Charles E. Riddle
Benbow Seaman PO/5451A
POW Antwerp
Demobilised 07 March 1919
Royal Naval Division .info Albert Taylor KW/704     Albert Taylor
b. 15 April 1881
RND 08 September 1914
Hawke A.B. KW/704
POW Antwerp
Demobilised 16 February 1919
Sixty miles north of Cologne near Wesel. Capacity 35,000.?There is an open space in the centre of the camp for football and tennis; also gardens with flowerbeds between the barracks; large vegetable gardens and potato field run by the prisoners. It is the centre of many working commandos, mining and otherwise. It is also a postal station for a large number of prisoners who have never been in the camp itself.
Royal Naval Division .info Friedrichsfeld POW Camp
Royal Naval Division .info Horace Walpole Allen R/3763     Horace W. Allen
b. 01 February 1887
Attleborough (Norfolk)
Formerly Army Reserve
RND 21 June 1917
Howe A.B. R/3763
POW 24 March 1918
Demobilised 17 April 1919
Royal Naval Division .info John Green L.S. Z/2654     John Green
b. 07 December 1895
South Shields
RND 02 January 1915
Drake L.S. Z/2654
POW 21 January 1918
Demobilised 13 February 1919
A busy town (pop. 12,600) containing cloth and cotton factories.The camp was opened in 1914, and consists of hutments, each holding 250 men.Capacity,10,000. Centre of numerous working commandos. American prisoners here,11th Army Corps.
Royal Naval Division .info Langensalza POW Camp
Royal Naval Division .info Alfred Walter Noel Langrish Z/123     Alfred W. N. Langrish
b. 18 October 1886
Portslade (Sussex)
RND 04 November 1914
Collingwood / Hood A.B. Z/123
POW 24 March 1918
Demobilised 13 March 1919
Royal Naval Division .info Ernest Edward White     Ernest E. White
b. July 1898
Bedfordshire Fusiliers
Private 45401
DOW 15 September 1918
Situated on rising ground twenty miles S.E. of Cologne. The camp, which formerly was the Wahner Heide Artillery practice camp, lies in open country and forms a sort of loosely jointed village. It carries 35,000 men on its register and was formerly a parent camp for working camps in the district. Barracks are set aside for prisoners who have tried to cross the frontier. 8th Army Corps.
Royal Naval Division .info Wahn POW Camp
Royal Naval Division .info Horace Smith     Horace Smith
b. 19 November 1897
Rag Sorter
RND 24 October 1915
Howe / Anson A.B. Z/3648
POW 25 March 1918
Demobilised 06 February 1919
Royal Naval Division .info Samuel Treadwell Z/3324     Samuel Treadwell
b. 09 June 1888
Wool Spinner
RND 02 November 1915
Drake A.B. Z/3324
POW 30 December 1917
DOW 21 April 18